A.L. Animal Care gives personal and loving attention while meeting the needs of your animal. Our home far exceeds the care that can be found at a large facility or a small storefront. The unique, warm environment we've built at our residence offers a "home away from home feel" to both our beloved animal clients and their families. As a client, you will have peace of mind knowing that your animal is being loved and cared for as one of our own. 

For our overnight guests, we are very much a contrast to the kennel that is locked up and unmanned during night hours. Your animal is in our home with us, ready to deal with anything that arises regardless of the time on the clock. We treat all our four legged clients like a member of our pack!

We have years of experience with dogs that face challenges in behavior and sociability who's successes we've been able to share with their families. When a dog who has shown hardship in obedience or the ability to get along with other dogs, we celebrate the improvement in their circumstances and in turn, make them excited to return for another visit with us!