Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below!


My animal has medical and/or medication needs. Can you handle that?

Yes, absolutely! We are fully qualified to handle your animal's medical needs and dispense medications while they're in our care.

Do you provide services for disabled and/or elderly animals? 

Of course we do! Whether, young or older, regular or special, we love all animals and provide all our services for them. See our service list for more information!


How long does it take to groom my dog?

No more than three hours, usually less.

My animal is very afraid of water. How can you comfort him during a grooming appointment?

Those that find fear in water are groomed in a secure environment with a professional who takes the time and patience to reach the level that the animal is comfortable with for the positive outcome.

My animal is very sensitive to synthetic products. What kind of grooming products do you use?

All grooming products used at A.L. Animal Care are organic! Today, there are vast smart and healthy choices of natural or manmade organic products for grooming that are available. At A.L. Animal Care we choose to use superior organic shampoos and conditioners for our clients. Even the flea products (when needed) are organic. We put the health and safety of our four legged clients a priority.

My animal requires a medicinal shampoo by prescription. Will that be a problem?

Absolutely not. We more than encourage the prescribed grooming products, and will work alongside your vet to address and treat any skin conditions that your animal may have. 

I'm elderly and cannot drive. Can you groom my animal at my home?

Yes, we can! We can also provide transportation at half-price for your animal to and from our property if your home isn't equipped with the right amount of space for grooming. See our Senior Specials page for more information!


My job requires me to be at work very early in the morning. What's the earliest that I can drop my animal off for daycare?

Our doors open at 5:30AM every morning!

What type of play and stimulation will you provide for my animal during daycare?

Socially, they will have their fill of playing with our other four-legged guests, chasing and racing around with one another along with our human supervision. Games of chase, a variety of toy options, lots of grass to roll in, and plenty of fresh water to drink and play in! They are offered multiple hours outdoors as a healthy outlet for positive energy while at daycare and overnight care.

What type of food or snacks will you provide for my animal during daycare?

Snacks (Like biscuits or cookies) are provided at no extra charge. If there is a specific snack or meal that your animal requires, it will need to be provided at your drop off time each day. 

My animal is on a strict diet and must stick to the food I provide. Will that be a problem?

We are very supportive of the specialized needs of all animals within out care. We are absolutely willing and able to provide any extra needs or adjustments to your special pet at no extra charge! We are well versed in the treatment of animals, from newborns to cancer patients, seniors suffering from arthritis or diabetes. Allow us to support you and your beloved animal so in your absence, you have piece of mind that responsibilities are met during our watch. 


What type of care can my animal expect to receive during an overnight stay?

Overnight stays offer a secure, insulated indoor room that is connected to our home and accessible to the property outside. Being that this is our residence, the key important fact is that we are here through out the night with a watchful eye and sensitivity to what's happening at all hours within our walls. This type of supervision and love is incredibly important to all animals, young and older, with medical needs and any level of stress. We are here which enables us to comfort and create a a warm, comfortable and soothing environment that suits the boarder. Our boarders have an evening outing before retiring for the night and are up bright and early ready for breakfast and play in the morning. 

My animal has severe separation anxiety when their away from me. How will you comfort them so their anxiety doesn't flare up during an overnight stay?

We focus a lot of time, energy, and love on your animal with us to provide comfort and sooth anxiety so they feel completely at home with us. From belly rubs and butt scratches to wet nose kisses and cuddles on the couch, we treat your animal like one of our own.

My animal is used to having a specific blanket/pillow/toy/etc. everyday. Can I bring that item with me when I drop them off for overnight care?

Of course! Whether it's one item or ten, we want you to provide the items your animal needs to help make them as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.

My dog is used to sleeping in they're own bed. How will you make sure that they are comfortable both physically and emotionally during their stay?

Overnight stays are secure and comfortable. Our dog lounge (as we call it) provides an insulated room that stays warm in the winter and is outfitted with air conditioning for the summer months. We encourage you to provide your dog's personal bed or crate to help feel more comfortable and relaxed at their second home!

Do you provide longterm/overnight care during the holidays?

Yes, we do! We're open 365 days a year so you can always trust that we'll be there for you and your animal whenever you need us!

I have to leave town suddenly. Are you able to provide overnight care on short notice?

Absolutely - we're here for you! See our Overnight Care services page for more information!


Coming soon.


I'm unable to transport my animal to and from daycare and/or their grooming appointment. Can you do that for me?

Absolutely! We can provide transportation for your animal at an additional fee. See our Transportation Services page for more information!

Can you transport my animal to a doctor's appointment?

Of course! We can provide transportation for your animal at a nominal fee. See our Transportation Services page for more information!

My animal isn't the best passenger in the car. Will that be a problem?

Not at all! We have a complete cargo van for pick up and delivery service that is outfitted with safe crates and a back hatch space for those who face hardship during road trips. 



Do I need to fill out any forms or bring copies of vaccination or health records before my animal's first appointment?

Yes, you do. We need a copy of your animal's latest rabies vaccination record and a completed general information form, which you can download and bring with you here. 

For any question please contact us!