Not a fan of bath time with your animal or don't have the space to do so? Then let us handle your animal's grooming needs! With over 25 years of professional experience, we're well versed in the grooming needs of all breeds of dogs and cats. The high level of quality and attention that we provide to each and every one of our clients can include fine scissor work, finished haircuts, and coat work with shedding types. Flea and skin treatment products are readily available and used when needed. Every grooming session includes a bath, a haircut specific to the breed, toe nail trim, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, dematting, detangling and anal gland expression done by Laura. If your veterinarian prescribes medicinal products to use for specific skin issues, directions are always precisely followed. We always send your animal home clean and happy while meeting our client's needs and expectations! 

Animals that are both young and elderly, with special needs or within the midst of puppyhood, have emotional or trust issues, anxiety or endless energy - we groom them all. Laura address each animal with compassion and knowledge to alleviate hardship. With her nurturing, love and care, she helps each animal to gain confidence and trust with each and every grooming.

Grooming prices start at $30 for dogs and $45 for cats. 

Please contact us for specific pricing in regards to your breed!